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Quotes from Kunio Koike, the founder of the modern Etegami Movement:

KOIKE QUOTES: Words in Motion 10/12 
KOIKE QUOTES: This kind of writing did not diminish me 11/12
KOIKE QUOTES: Find yourself a good catcher 12/12
KOIKE QUOTES: Express your you-ness 1/13 
KOIKE QUOTES: Forget the Masterʼs Model 2/13 
KOIKE QUOTES: Draw Whatʼs In Front of You 3/13 
KOIKE QUOTES: Forefathers of the Etegami Movement 4/13
KOIKE QUOTES: Communicating the World of Etegami to other Cultures 5/13 
KOIKE QUOTES: Etegami is a Nengajou in its Everyday Clothes 9/13 
KOIKE QUOTES: Easy to Read Writing is Preferable to Elegant Writing 10/13
KOIKE QUOTES: Your Rival is the Child 11/13

Etegami in the media

Etegami in books & films:(Part 1) 10/12 
Etegami in books & films:(Part 2) 11/12 
Etegami Tutorials Online: 3/13

Etegami as greeting cards and gifts

Etegami Mourning Cards & Condolence Cards 10/12
Etegami New Years Cards 1/13 
Etegami Valentine Cards 2/13 
Etegami Get-Well Cards 5/13
Etegami Invitation Cards 6/13
Etegami Recipe Cards 9/13
Etegami Party Favors and Stocking Stuffers 10/13
Etegami Moving Announcements 11/13

Artists who inspire

Artists Who Inspire: Tomihiro Hoshino 11/12 
Artists Who Inspire: Tsurutaro Kataoka 4/13 
Artists Who Inspire: Kiyoshi Yamashita 11/13

The way of etegami

What is Etegami? (an overview) 10/12 
The Aesthetic of “Flawed Beauty” 11/12 
How to Frame Etegami 12/12
Keeping Each Other Alive (Pitchers and Catchers) 12/12 
Posture and Practice 3/13
What Draws a Person into the World of Etegami? 4/13 
Stretching the Boundaries of Etegami 6/13 
Giving Through Etegami 12/13

Fun Materials to use with etegami

FUN MATERIALS: Cedar Wood Etegami Cards 11/12 
FUN MATERIALS: Corrugated Cardboard 12/12
FUN MATERIALS: Alternative inks and paints 2/13 
FUN MATERIALS: Etegami Stones 3/13 

Feedback from readers

Questions and comments from Readers: 5/13 
More Questions and Comments from Readers 6/13
More Questions from Readers: 9/13 
More Questions from Readers: 10/13

Etegami submissions from readers


Postscript to Archives:
Hooray!! My step-by-step guide to making etegami is finally published. As far as I know, it is the first book of its kind in English. Click here to see sample pages. Both print version and ebook version (for iPad and iPhone) can be ordered through my Etsy shopdosankodebbie, newsletter editor and creator/administrator of the Etegami Fun Club.